• Powerful, Versatile & Quiet – 3 turbine speeds and 4 temperature settings to optimize performance, matching power to clinical requirements and ensuring noise levels are kept to a minimum.
  • Compact & Robust –  Small and light weight, which makes it easy to set up, move and stable when mounted on trolley, I. V pole or by the patient.
  • User friendly- Simple user interface makes it easy to use and carry out routine maintain. Safe – Failsafe mechanisms to ensure temperature control and patient safety according the the latest standard….. 
  • Light & flexible hose- MRI compatible with easy connection and secure swivel connector.
  • Complete Blanket range – 15 types of blanket to cover all procedures


  • A family of fluid warming systems that are fast and simple to set up and allow you to warm to all patients.
  • Flexible & easy to use – Move from theatre to recovery without have to disconnect and de-prime the system from the patient and giving sets.
  • Quick set up time – less then 2 minutes from turning on
  • Safe – Dry system, avoiding any potential risks associated with water bath-based warmers .Intelligent temperature management system, innovative heat exchanger and in built sensors ensures fast and accurate temperature control. Audio and visual temperature alarms with fail-safe cut off.
  • Robust & Low maintenance