Polatom / Rototop

Medicinal products are manufactured according to GMP requirements. The products have all required by law permissions for manufacturing and marketing authorizations.
  • Radiopharmaceuticals for diagnostic and therapy
  • Kits for labelling with 99mTc
  • Radiochemicals (pharmaceutical grade)
  • Radiopharmaceutical precursor (for the radiolabelling of carrier molecules)
  • Radionuclide generators

ALN Vena Cava Filter

  • Stainless Steel – MRI Compatible – Non magnetic
  • Not thrombogenic due to : no soldering joints, less than 1 gram, design
  • The risk of break is reduced : the struts are crimped
  • Keeps its final spatial form due to the filter holder : no reported cases of non-opening of the filter
  • 4 approaches :
    • Jugular
    • Brachial
    • Femoral
    • Popliteal


  • Generic supplier for Contrast syringes
  • FDA and CE approved products
  • Compatible with all injectors : LF, Medrad, Medtron…
  • Competitive prices